MSM Powder

MSM Powder

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MSM Powder vs Capsules

In order to get noticeable results with MSM, nutritionists recommend a daily intake of “4 to 20” grams, = “1 to 5” level teaspoons, “4 to 20” grams is approx. equal to 4 to 20 1,000 mg. capsules, “4 to 20” grams is approx. equal to 8 to 40 500 mg. capsules. That’s a lot of pills to take.

Msm in the capsule form is fine for anyone taking low dosages simply as a nutritional supplement.

For someone with health problems such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, allergies, etc…They would have to take large numbers of capsules to get the same effect that they would get by taking 1 to 5 teaspoons of the msm powder. Msm dissolved into water can be consumed over a 12 hour time period, which is the most effective way to take the mineral sulfur and is the most cost effective.

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