Health Benefits of MSM: Musculoskeletal System Health

Impact #11: Musculoskeletal System Health

There have been countless studies of MSM and Ostreoarthritis. One study had these results: 16 patients with osteoarthritis aged 55 to 78 were assigned to two groups. One group of ten patients received 2,250 mg of MSM per day. The other group of six patients received a placebo. All drugs and other nutritional supplements were ceased before the commencement of the study. After four weeks of treatment, 60% of MSM-receiving patients experienced improvement in their symptoms. After six weeks, 82% of patients experienced improvement.15

Our staff have all used Real Time Pain Relief which is a topical MSM cream. The results are almost immediate as MSM is so quick to penetrate the skin to the problem area. For more info on Real Time Pain Relief visit:

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