Health Benefits of MSM: Eyes/Vision Health

Impact #9: Eyes/Vision Health

Other than oral supplement, MSM eye drops are probably the most available form of it on the market.

Dr. Earl Mindell, author of several natural health books, reports the following in a section called THE EYES:

“Think of your eyeball as a balloon full of water, but instead of being rubber, it is a protein membrane. Optical tissue normally allows fluids to flow through the membrane wall which acts like a filter, cleaning out harmful particles, keeping your eyes clear and your vision good as it allows nutrients to permeate. But should the membranes become tough like leather, the fluids are trapped and particles begin to accumulate. If this buildup continues, your vision will seem as if you’re looking through frosted glass, a condition known as cataracts.

When eyedrops containing the proper amount of MSM are applied, the membrane becomes permeable, and this has reversed the problem. It is also important that the eye remain flexible so that the muscles can alter its contour and focus as needed. In the event that its membranes and muscles become rigid and tough, the eye will not be able to focus properly, resulting in blurred vision. The MSM in eyedrops soothes and softens the membranes, permitting fluids to pass through the optical tissues to stabilize the pressure, repair any damage, clear up red spots and bloodshot vessels, and remove floaters and other particles in the eye.

In one case, a 15 percent solution of MSM in isotonic saline was a soothing treatment for the eye following accidental injury due to particulate matter in the eye. In a test with an irritated eye of a rabbit, the eye cleared when treated every hour with a 10 percent aqueous solution of MSM. Be assured, the concentration in the
MSM eye drops you get will be sufficient. Follow the instructions on the label.

As noted earlier, the B vitamins in general and the sulfur-related amino acids and compounds are vital to maintaining healthy eyes. Specifically, we’ve learned that glucosamine is the starting material for the eyes, that glutathione promotes good eye health and low levels accompany almost every type of eye disease. We also know that people suffering from the eye disease retinitis pigmentosa show reduced levels of taurine within the eye.”

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